Just weeks ago, the state wouldn’t have been able to step in and take action against the Pipkin Mortuary, where a recent mix-up resulted in the wrong bodies being placed in the wrong caskets, causing further grief to already grieving families. But in January, a measure passed by state lawmakers giving the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, or DORA, some oversight of mortuaries went into effect.

DORA spokesman Chris Lines tells 7News that law has allowed a “cease and desist” order to be issued for Pipkin Mortuary, forcing it to shut down for an investigation next week, after it completes any existing commitments.

“When an investigation is launched, DORA people are onsite, going into the facility, finding out what is going on, tracking down allegations, and giving Mr. Pipkin all due process guaranteed by the statute,” says Lines.

The mortuary’s owner, Mark Pipkin, issued a statement Monday saying the mortuary “cannot begin to fully express our deep regret and sincere apologies to the families of Evelyn Jackson and Imogene Jackson for this most unfortunate incident,” adding that the problem was caused by “human error” (via 9News).