With the recession trudging on and energy costs rising, count Governor Bill Ritter among the leaders who wouldn’t mind if you show up in his office for a meeting not wearing a suit this summer. In his newsletter address to state employees, Ritter, often clad in trademark gray suits, lauds the suggestion of Department of Health Care Policy and Financing’s executive director Joan Henneberry to extend “dress down Fridays” to every day of the week. Henneberry, Ritter writes, has found that dressing down saves recession-strapped employees money on clothing and dry cleaning. Moreover, most employees love it. What to wear? Dump the suit jackets and ties for short-sleeved shirts, blouses, and open-collared shirts. Joined by suit-sportin’ Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Ritter wants local businesses to hop aboard as part of a “Cool Biz” campaign to help cut the costs of cooling offices with air-conditioners, according to the Denver Business Journal. Last year, the fledgling program reduced power demand in seven participating buildings by 6.4 percent in July and 7.1 percent in August. This year, 100 buildings are expected to participate.