With most of the focus on major party candidates in the governor’s race, you might not have heard of Jason R. Clark, an independent running for the office. Yet, you might have come across his name if you were looking for government jobs on  Craigslist, home to myriad online classified ads. He’s looking for a lieutenant governor–the Robin to his Batman–a politico who has been unaffiliated since at least June 15, 2009, is 30 or older, a resident of Colorado for at least two years as of Election Day, and, of course, a citizen of the United States.

Clark tells 9News that nowadays leaders must be willing to look anywhere for talent. “We want to invite everybody in,” he explained on 9News’s “Your Show” Sunday morning program. “We want the best and the brightest. We want some new ideas, new leadership. New paradigm. If you’re out there and you think you might be interested in this area, give me a call. We’ll interview you and put you on the list.” The reaction to the job listing, which pays $68,500, has been spectacular, he adds.

Meanwhile, The Denver Post digs a bit deeper into Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper’s initial $1.2 million in donations to his campaign for governor, noting they came mainly from his Denver constituents. By contrast, donations to former Congressman Scott McInnis, a Republican in the race, are spread more evenly across the state.

Still, there were some surprises. In the initial batch of donations, Hickenlooper has received no money from organized labor, and some people who had already donated to McInnis then gave money to Hick.