Tesla Roadster The hot new Tesla Roadster, a pioneering sports car that runs on electricity and was built in Colorado, got a thumbs up during a test run by band Cobra Starship in New York City, writes Rolling Stone. And for the lucky few—fewer than a dozen—Coloradans who will actually zip away with a Tesla this year, there’s good news: You can get a whopping $42,083 tax credit if you buy one, according to Boulder’s Daily Camera. To put that into perspective, it’s the value of about two brand-new Ford Mustangs—two, my friends (that’s one for you and one for me). The amount of the tax credit is based on a percentage of the difference between the alternative-fuel vehicle and a comparable, gas-burning vehicle—-in this case, the $47,000 British-made Lotus Elise. Mark Couch, a spokesman for the Colorado Department of Revenue, says the tax credit was created in 2000 to provide incentives for people to buy hybrids, and there weren’t any luxury hybrids back then. Next year, a $6,000 cap goes on the tax credit, as a result of legislation. So if you were thinking about getting someone special (like me) that Tesla for the holidays, now’s the time.