I was doing my typical searches for cheap beers, free events, and discounted food specials when I came across something a bit atypical–a free house. It turns out I could really use a house at this juncture in my life, seeing as my landlord has started setting up innocuous meetings with a realtor that lead me to believe my wee rental may be on the market. The free house, currently in Loveland, is itself getting booted from the premise because the owner wants to develop the land it occupies. After discovering the house is historic, however, the Loveland Historic Preservation Committee stepped in and negotiated a 90-day delay–time for someone to take the house off the land and keep it preserved. The house sounds pretty livable. It’s 2,100 square feet, white, wood-framed, and has two chimneys. All you have to do is call city planner Marc Cittone at 970-962-2579 or Tangier Barnes at 970-962-2745. I sort of feel like I’m inspiring a land run (or house run?) with this post, but luckily I’m from Oklahoma and have no problem being a Sooner. However, if you get the house before I do, let me know if you’re looking for a roommate. We’ll find some land in City Park, stake a mailbox out front, and fire up the grill–Boomer Sooner.