The rockslide that has shut down Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon has effectively cut Colorado—and the nation—in half for motorists. Perhaps the hardest hit are interstate truckers, now going hours out of their way to take the only other east-west artery in the United States approved for multi-state commercial truck transit: Interstate 80, which goes through Wyoming (via 9News). That means many hours of additional driving for some, scenic routes for others, and shelling out more cash for fuel for nearly all of them. And there’s no relief in sight. The 17-mile stretch of I-70 is estimated to be closed for days to come, if not weeks—that’s right weeks, say officials, who ensure workers are busy making the road safe for travel (via The Denver Post). That also leaves skiers wanting to travel from Denver to Aspen/Snowmass in a pickle. Realizing this, the resorts have issued a news release pointing to a number of alternate routes, such as the $39 Amtrak ticket from Union Station to Glenwood Springs and then a shuttle, taxi, rental car, or public bus to one of the towns. Of course, you could also fly.