On Wednesday, Union Taxi, a new driver-owned cab company, turned to state regulators to complain that two other companies were given exclusive access to a waiting area at Cherry Creek Shopping Center. “We are simply asking the commission to rigorously apply the logic that Colorado’s taxi regulation scheme requires—no discrimination, kickbacks, or special preferences for any company and equal treatment of all consumers,” stated Ray Gifford, an attorney and partner at Kamlet Reichert, LLP, the firm representing Union Taxi (via the Denver Business Journal). But forget the complaint. The mall has already relented. Orange-and-blue Union cabs will be allowed to join Metro and Yellow taxis at the cab stand, as will purple-and-white Freedom Cab taxis. “We’ve had feedback from the community voicing concerns about our decision,” Cherry Creek general manager Nick LeMasters tells The Denver Post. “We recognize that the policy may have been shortsighted, and we have reconsidered our position.” Last month, Cherry Creek created a sponsorship deal with Metro and Yellow to pay lease space in exchange for the right to pick up shoppers.