There’s no shortage of news about how much of a bummer the Fourth of July will be in some places. Cash-strapped cities are scaling back the big celebrations, or even canceling them altogether, as is the case in Colorado Springs (via The Associated Press). But there are still good places to be–or go. Take Loveland, which is billing its display–at 9:17 p.m. on Saturday over Lake Loveland–as the largest in northern Colorado, writes the Fort Collins Coloradoan. If Loveland seems out of the way, The Denver Post provides a long list of fireworks displays and other activities taking place throughout the state. Just don’t try to put on your own show in Denver. Police and paramedics, tired of seeing mutilated arms and burned hands and faces, have zero tolerance for anything that ignites or explodes. “The only things that are legal are non-ignitable items such as paper-wrapped, small poppers,” Denver Police technician Dean Christopherson says (via the Post.)