Listen up, beautiful people. Have you ever felt unappreciated? Unnoticed? Overlooked?

If you sometimes feel like you just don’t get the attention you deserve for your pearly whites, rockin’ bod, bedroom eyes, luxurious hair, and overall fabulousness, your presence is required Wednesday night at a Model Appreciation Party. Hosted by the hotty models of the Maximum Talent Agency, the equally hot staff of 5 Degrees would like to say “thank you to those people who make the world a little more aesthetically pleasing.”

Of course, if you’re just an average Jane or Joe who likes to hang around the above-mentioned Beautiful People, you can sit back and watch the inevitable drama unfold around you. (Imagine, all those uber-hot model types trying to outshine each other? Truly delish.) Wednesdays are also the weekly ladies’ night there, so gals can drink for free from 10 p.m. til midnight, and both ladies and gents can get free massages and manicures this week to sweeten the deal.

So let’s recap. Beautiful People to watch. Free cocktails to sip. Free massages to enjoy. And a very high probability of some seriously bitchy catfights?

I’m in.