Some Republicans might see the government’s “Cash for Clunkers” as a boondoggle, but the popular vehicle-rebate program—meant to get gas guzzlers off the road—received backing from Congress yesterday to keep it alive a little longer. The Senate added $2 billion more to the program, which provides up to $4,500 in rebates, after the initial $1 billion ran out in 10 days (via The Associated Press). But there are loopholes that won’t get those guzzlers off the road, as dscriber has discovered.

And the Better Business Bureau’s southern Colorado chapter is warning that con artists have jumped on the clunker bandwagon, telling people they can receive a voucher, make a deposit, or pay a fee to be added to an application list. The problem, as the Denver Business Journal notes, is that the program doesn’t have vouchers or lists or fees.

Meanwhile, “fence sitters” are responsible for making the program a hit—like the Colorado couple hanging on to their Ford in case the kids ever want it, reports AP.