If you want to enjoy that feeling of zoning out on the couch as Thanksgiving’s bounty of carbohydrates and tryptophan-laced turkey begins its mysterious dance in your emergent spare tire, you’re probably going to embark on some kind of travel to get there. Sometimes that means you’ll become a bundle of stress before you reach that final destination—and a second slice of pumpkin pie. Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport will both experience big crowds this week, with Sunday being the busiest day, writes the Gazette, which provides a handy list of air-travel tips that just might give you some kind of an advantage over less-prepared travelers: First, check with your airline for your flight status–online if possible. Arrive about two hours early for your flight. Follow the carry-on rules. And don’t bring wrapped gifts, because that’s apparently what terrorists would do. But most travelers aren’t going to be rubbing elbows on a packed jet. They’re going to be driving—about 84 percent of all Thanksgiving travelers, to be exact. Go easy on the spiked apple cider: Police and troopers around the state will be out en force, looking for drunk drivers (via The Associated Press). As for the weather, it thankfully doesn’t appear to pose any problems for Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day, or the coming weekend. Though the week in Denver has started off a bit cold and windy, the forecast for mid-week calls for relative warmth—nearly 60 degrees by Black Friday (via 7News).