President Obama’s 2009 inauguration was celebrated with viewing parties and balls across Colorado, but, this time around, it seems it may be hard to find any gaieties in Denver for this Monday’s event. Our solution? Throw your own Inauguration Day party. Here, a few suggestions to get you started.

Mini Chicago-Style Hot Dogs: Pay homage to Obama’s hometown by making bite-sized versions of this famous dog using dinner rolls, frankfurters, little gherkin pickles, chopped tomato and onion, and mustard.

Personal Deep Dish Pizzas: Guests can show off their culinary skills by creating their own version of the Windy City pie. Try Martha Stewart’s recipe for deep-dish pizzas. Make health-conscience First Lady Michelle Obama proud with healthy toppings like spinach, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Foot-Shaped Sugar Cookies: As a cheeky nudge to Vice President Biden, guests can find themselves with a foot in their mouth while eating these tootsy-shaped cookies. If only Biden’s gaffes could always be as sweet and delectable.

Black Cherry Iced Tea: According to the LA Times, one of the president’s favorite beverages is Black Forest Berry tea by Honest Tea. Create your own version with this Black Cherry Iced Tea recipe from Food and Wine.

If your heart is truly set on attending an inaugural-themed fete, the Democratic Party of Denver will be hosting a 2013 Inaugural Gala at Cork House Broker starting at 6 p.m. Ten dollars gets you access to an hors d’oeuvres buffet and a screening of Obama’s previously recorded second inaugural speech. RSVP required.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock