It’s not totally your fault you’ve spent the past two-plus months attached to your phone/tablet/TV (see: stay-at-home orders). But now that summer is here, ditch the devices with some help from Tracy Markle, the founder of Boulder’s Digital Media Treatment and Education Center. Below, her checklist for a digital detox that will have you trading your iPhone glow for alpenglow.

1. Decide how long you’ll digitally diet. Markle recommends at least 30 days to see benefits, such as reduced depression and anxiety.

2. Determine the apps and devices that are most problematic for you. Markle suggests downloading the Rescue Time app, which tracks where you spend the most time online. Cut those spots out.

3. Pick something to replace screen-based binging. Most often, the people Markle sees succeed are those who get outside. “Summer is probably one of the best times to detox because of our ability to engage in nature,” she says. Even simple activities like walks around your block or playing catch with your kid in the yard will do.