Tired of trying to squeeze into skinny jeans? You’re in luck! This season it’s all about the flare—yes, as in the beloved ’70s look of Farrah Fawcett, Ali MacGraw and Stevie Nicks. It’s not just designers (see spring runways for Gucci and at Kenzo) championing the style, though. You’ll see a version of the universally flattering silhouette at nearly every denim company. I asked Charlotte Connolly, women’s clothing manager at the Garment District, for the lowdown on finding the perfect flare:

1. A Cut Above: For everyday life, go with a baby boot or small flare cut (generally, a boot is 16- to 18-inches wide at the hem, while a flare is 19 inches or more). Leave the super-wide flare for the festival circuit.

2. Knee Break: Make sure it’s not too high or too low; the fit should be tapered to the knee and then flare just below it.

3. Rise Up: A mid- to high-rise style is on-trend (eight or nine inches from waistband to crotch seam is a mid; 10 inches equals high-rise).

4. To Hem or Not to Hem: You have to wear a flare long. The easiest way to date your look is to hem a flare too short. Keep it a half- or three-quarter-inch (max!) off the ground.

5. Pair It: Flare jeans look best with a pointed-toe heel, wedge, or platform that’s at least three-inches high. Why? A flare hem balances out the hips, so you want to create a long, lean line all the way down to your toes. If you want to wear a flare cut with flats, buy a second pair and have them hemmed accordingly.

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