In case you missed it in the blur of headlines about how Colorado’s Republican politicos are divided over Tom Tancredo’s decision to run for governor, The Denver Post recently provided a sort of primer on the party Tancredo has joined.

The tiny American Constitution Party, which is eager to make room for the former GOP congressman, believes the “war on terrorism” is not a good reason for the United States to occupy foreign lands that “have not injured us.”

The party also opposes committing taxpayer money to perpetually finance foreign governments and seeks the abolition of the Food and Drug Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the departments of Education and Energy, and the Federal Election Commission.

Tancredo has already been blamed for potentially siphoning conservative-minded voters away from the GOP’s scandalized candidates for governor, Scott McInnis and Dan Maes, but his candidacy could also impact other races, such as the one for the 4th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Betsy Markey.

That’s because some conservative voters who identify with Tancredo may decide not to vote for Republican state Representative Cory Gardner and go instead with Doug Aden, the ACP candidate in that district, according to Politico, which points out that if Tancredo is able to raise money for mainstream advertising, that possibility becomes more realistic.

As for Markey, she’s maintaining her attempts to look like a good moderate with a fiscally sound wallet. She’s returned about $117,000 of her $1.5 million budget from last year via a number of belt-tightening measures, reports The Associated Press.