Joseph Daniel Lightfoot and Amber Brooke Wildenstein have a license to grow marijuana inside their home on South Williams Street near East Vassar Avenue. But after police showed up at the house in early June on a report of domestic violence, both are now facing one count of child abuse.

9News reports that the charges come after police investigated and discovered the couple was growing marijuana in the same home where they are raising three children, ages 7, 9, and 11.

Investigators say the charges pertain to a Colorado law that states, in part, that “a person commits child abuse, if, in the presence of a child, or on the premises where a child is found, or where a child resides, the person knowingly engages in the manufacture or attempted manufacture of a controlled substance” (via 7News). Lightfoot and Wildenstein were released on $50,000 bond each and will appear in court later this month.

Meanwhile, the makers of marijuana-infused goodies, such as brownies, could end up in a legal pickle under a new law. Denver doesn’t have an infused-product manufacturer license, meaning the only operations that can legally make edibles are dispensaries themselves, writes Westword.