Attention, Colorado males: Your laptop may be harming your sex life. It’s not necessarily because you’re so absorbed by the Internet that you don’t have time for your partners. Although that could be an obvious reason, it’s the Wi-Fi. In the first scientific study of its kind, researchers have concluded that WiFi through laptops can harm a man’s sperm—specifically, the DNA, notes CW2, citing a study presented at the American Society for Reproduction conference taking place in Denver. “The word is cautionary,” says Dr. Dale McClure, a urologist and fertility specialist from the University of Washington at Seattle. “I don’t think we should rush out and stop using laptops, but I think if you’re using a laptop, maybe not keep it on your groin.”

The issue, according to an Argentine researcher, is microwave radiation, a similar problem to that of cell phones, which can decrease sperm quality. And that’s why some scientists tell men to avoid carrying cell phones in their pants (via 9News).