Stan Kroenke’s Colorado Avalanche just finished an abysmal season, but the sports magnate has plenty of other reasons to celebrate. His Denver Nuggets have secured the Western Conference’s fifth seed heading into the playoffs (, and despite a painful loss last Friday, his Colorado Rapids are at the top of their conference so far this season (

Oh, and his months-long bid to take control of the Arsenal soccer team, a British powerhouse, appears to be coming to fruition, with Kroenke reportedly having secured ownership of more than 60 percent of the team, which is worth more than $1 billion (Guardian).

How might the latest addition to the empire impact our local teams? It’s likely that Kroenke’s thrifty spending will continue; he says he’s not funding his Arsenal takeover with debt (Wall Street Journal). And the buy could benefit the Rapids, who have maintained a partnership with Arsenal for years (New York Times). The new deal could mean more Arsenal players coming to Colorado and vice versa.