The Denver Nuggets wrapped up the first half of the season Wednesday night with a solid 94-87 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, putting them at 32-25 on the year and seventh in the NBA’s Western Conference. But Denver skidded into the break, going 4-6 in its last 10 games and becoming increasingly bogged down in endless Carmelo Anthony trade gossip (via the Denver Post).

That noise will hit a peak decibel during this weekend’s All-Star festivities in Los Angeles—this is likely Melo’s final week as a Nugget before the league’s trade deadline next Thursday. The latest rumor has Melo and fan-favorite Chauncey Billups going to the New York Knicks in return for five Knicks players and a first-round draft pick, something the New York Post calls “outlandish.” Westword notes Denver is also supposedly talking to the New Jersey Nets again, and the Houston Rockets apparently have their eyes on center Nene in exchange for a few young players and draft picks. Regardless of what happens, one thing is all but certain: The Nuggets be a very different team a week from now.