It’s unclear exactly how the dust will settle in the Vance Fulkerson scandal at the University of Northern Colorado. Although UNC’s undergraduate theater program is considered among the best in the nation, it is possible that enrollment may take a beating in the wake of Fulkerson’s arrest for secretly videotaping students in the bathroom of his home and allegations by numerous students of that he made unwanted sexual advances toward them. As Alex Ryer, a vocal teacher at UNC from 1999 to 2004, tells The Denver Post, the university is “potentially dangerous for 18-year-olds.” Westword also notes the growing apprehension and outright disgust with UNC’s theater program at a time when President Kay Norton is promising a thorough investigation. “We will not shrink from the truth, whatever it may be,” she says (via 9News). “Given that we are talking about many years and many people the truth is likely complicated and painful. We cannot change the past but we can and will learn from it.” Meanwhile, it’s a tough time for UNC’s Little Theatre of the Rockies to be celebrating its 75th anniversary, but the show goes on (see Post video).