McDaniels, JoshWhen Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels came to town his trial was by fire, losing quarterback Jay Cutler in a very public fight and nearly losing wide receiver Brandon Marshall in a spat over money.

Six games into the season, the Broncos are undefeated, and people across the country are starting to apologize for all the crap they gave the coach.

The Staten Island Advance is sorry for prematurely judging him, writing that the seemingly controversial moves he’s made so far might actually make sense. A writer with the University of Connecticut student newspaper even gets in on the act, saying even though he enjoyed making fun of Broncos fans for what seemed to be a looming terrible season, he’s now eating his words.

USA Today suggests the meticulous McDaniels, a fan of the show “CSI,” uncovered the biggest clue in quarterback Kyle Orton, who’s having one of the best years of his career under McDaniels. The paper calls the Broncos a “mystery team that no one saw coming.”

McDaniels is even winning over his own team, whose members see that his ways have delivered success. The hard-driving coach gave his players nearly five days off this week after Monday night’s win over San Diego, according to The Denver Post. The team gets back to work next Monday to prepare for a November 1 game against the Baltimore Ravens.