Austin import Hopdoddy Burger Bar is known for indulgent fare—massive, juicy burgers and thick, rich milkshakes are all staples at this Union Station spot. But Hopdoddy’s latest special, a poutine burger, takes the decadence factor to the next level. Hopdoddy has managed to fit the Canadian gastropub tradition of poutine—typically fries, cheese curds, and gravy—between two buns. I set out to sample the special and see if the overwhelming display could be conquered.

When my server delivered the behemoth burger, I mumbled something along the lines of “oh my word.” The bamboo toothpick didn’t stand a chance at holding this monster together. Hopdoddy’s creation involves a beef patty, melted Tillamook cheddar, caramelized onion, a sunny-side-up egg, lettuce and tomato, steak and sassy sauces, and, of course, a generous handful of fries.

Once broken, the egg yolk ran together with the other sauces to create a smooth, slightly sweet flavor. The Kennebec fries added a slight crunch, and their saltiness balanced the caramelized onions. Only occasionally did I taste the tomato and lettuce.

The burger was served with a fork and knife, utensils I urge you to use. This is one very messy burger. After eating, I surveyed my plate: four crumpled paper towels surrounded me, but the massive poutine burger was mostly gone.

Try it soon! Hopdoddy’s poutine burger is only available until February 7.

1747 Wynkoop St., 303-446-2337