While debates over global warming rage on, pragmatists are smart enough to avoid the particulars and focus on the big picture. Pollution isn’t a good thing, after all, and if you can reduce reliance on gasoline, at today’s prices you’ll probably save a few bucks. And it seems that parking lots have become a good gauge for how many pragmatists are in our midst. There are enough that the Hyatt Regency Denver, at the Colorado Convention Center, is adding re-charging stations for electric hybrid cars. “Arriving guests may simply pull into the clearly marked space and plug in their cars, allowing them to re-charge in what is truly an innovative green initiative,” according to a news release that touts a list of other enviro-friendly efforts, including a hydronic plate-cooling system that utilizes outside air to cool the hotel when temperature variations allow. As we’ve noted previously, a solar-powered parking lot is slated for Denver International Airport, equipped with shuttle vans that use alternative fuels.