Gaining elevation too fast or overtraining can sideline even the healthiest athletes with severe dehydration, nausea, headaches, or exhaustion. Luckily, Denver ER docs Erik Adler and Elisa Dannemiller have just the thing to get weekend warriors back on their feet: Divine Hydration Therapies, launched in August 2015, sends registered nurses to homes (or hotels or offices) to assess patients’ conditions and administer IV fluids for rehydration. Under the supervision of the docs (both experienced outdoor fitness enthusiasts), the mobile team also offers a full menu of other services, including antinausea meds, intravenous vitamin therapy, and pain relief. Clients include athletes, jet-lagged travelers, cold and flu victims, and those suffering from altitude sickness. And, yes, they can even hook you up if you overdid it at the bar last night (see “Pain Relievers”). Divine Hydration’s service area spans the state, and basic IV therapy starts at $120—less than your average ER visit.