The World Series is almost here (the first game is October 24), and even though the Colorado Rockies couldn’t get it done this season, their fans have something else to get excited about. No, we didn’t discover the fastball to win, but we did dream up a hot dog that could.

In a search for Denver’s official hot dog (why not? We already have an omelet, the Windy City has the Chicago Dog, Boston has baked beans…) we polled some of our favorite places—the Über Sausage, Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, and Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs—and asked what they thought. With that, the Denver dog was born:

First, take a tortilla, insists Steve Ballas, from Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, “We have such a Mexican food influence, it can’t be a Denver dog without the tortilla.” For the wiener itself, it’s gotta be the bison dog from the Über Sausage. Add sliced bacon, lettuce, and tomato (more contributions from Ballas) and creamy cheddar and barbecue sauces from Billy’s. The final toppings come from Jim Pittenger of Biker Jim’s: “caramelized onions and, of course, some jalapeños and banana peppers—that is very Denver.” Wrap it all up and eat like a burrito.

We may not have a killer baseball team, but we have a (fictional) hot dog that can compete with anyone.

Chime in: What would your ideal Denver hot dog look like?

—Image via Shutterstock