The Ski Blog is predictably elated to hear that I-70 has re-opened in both directions after being closed following the massive rockslide on Monday that left a hole in a bridge, damaged guardrails, and scattered boulders the size of trucks on the highway. The re-opening at Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado comes “just in time for weekend skiing,” notes the blog, but before you get too excited, keep in mind that driving through the area is expected to be slow. The speed limit through the canyon has been dropped from 55 mph to 40 mph, and there’s just one lane open in each direction, according to The Denver Post. But at least travelers, including truckers, won’t have to take detours of 200 miles, to traverse Colorado’s major east-west artery. Extensive repairs are still needed, and the Colorado Department of Transportation doesn’t know how long it will be before the four-lane road will be back to normal. But even a partial opening of the highway is a relief. Some news outlets this week reported it could have taken weeks before the roadway opened.