Read that headline again.Now there’s a sentence I have never uttered before.I am a sports fan, particularly a fan of Colorado sports teams. I almost always watch the Denver Broncos on TV, and I frequently make time to catch the Denver Nuggets. I’ll listen to the Colorado Rockies on the radio if I’m driving, and I might pause to watch an inning if I am channel-surfing at home, but I have never planned to watch a Rockies game on television.Until tonight, when the Rockies play the San Diego Padres for the right to go to the playoffs.You might call me a fair-weather fan because I haven’t regularly watched the Rockies this season, although have followed the team’s progress in the standings all year long. But I don’t think I have to plan to watch Rockies games in order to be considered a “true” fan. The Rockies have been mediocre (at best) for so many years that I think I can be excused for not making time out of my day to watch a game. When the Nuggets were threatening to finish the season with the worst record in NBA history a few years ago, you didn’t have to be a “true” fan to watch the games – you just had to be really, really bored.It took the Rockies being relevant for me to take the bigger step of planning to watch the game, and there’s no shame in that. If it took the Rockies being relevant for you to even pay attention at all, there’s no shame in that either. Go Rockies!