Yesterday’s arrests of immigrant workers by more than 1,000 federal agents has caused chaos and resentment in Weld County’s immgrant community. Swift & Co. knew about the raid in advance. It tried to get a federal court order to prevent it, but was turned down by a Judge last Thursday. What a “bah humbug” action. And what about the children? They went to school as usual and came home to missing parents. Who will care for them? Those that were born here are United States citizens. What happens next?

Two bus loads of illegal immigrants who didn’t want to face a judge in Colorado volunteered for deportation and were put on a plane late Tuesday and flown to Mexico. Others will soon have a chance to face an immigration judge to learn their fate.

The Greeley plant has now been shut down. And about that identity theft excuse for conducting the raids:

At least 1,282 workers were arrested at Swift packing plants in six states. So far, only 65 were being charged with identity theft, federal officials said.

You can view a slideshow of the raid here. Update: The plant has re-opened.