Not one Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives supported the $819 billion stimulus plan that “will serve as the cornerstone” of President Barack Obama’s efforts to revive the ailing economy, writes The Washington Post.

The two-year economic package–a combination of domestic spending and tax cuts–passed 244 to 188. Just 11 Democrats voted against it, and none were from Colorado. The state’s five Democratic and two Republican House members split along party lines.

Dems like Ed Perlmutter, who represents the state’s Seventh Congressional District, hailed the bill a “a bold step to try to stabilize our economy” (via The Colorado Independent). Meanwhile, GOP-er Mike Coffman, who represents the Sixth District, calls the bill a “pork-laden spending frenzy masquerading as a ‘stimulus package.'” National Public Radio observed the partisanship and reports that prospects for cooperation between the parties in the Senate won’t be much better. What’s in the bill? The Associated Press provides a complete overview, including your potential tax rebate: $500 per worker, $1,000 per couple for two years.