Because we love cocktails sweetened with aromatic elderflower syrup and nasturtiums in summer salads, we are hoping that this month’s Bon Appetit article “Floral Flavors” encourages more diners to consider flowers as more than a table decoration. Although edible flowers are still far from mainstream–chefs like Amy Vitale of Tables have tried unsuccessfully to introduce them–the flowers’ increased availability, in all forms, ensures that the curious diner can try them, and spread the word. To try edible flowers locally, head to Whole Foods for fresh flowers to toss into garden salads, or stop by Sur La Table for Sweetfield’s sugared pansies and violas, perfect for dessert decorating. If you’d like to try a professional’s take on flowers, visit Potager, where recently chef Teri Rippeto has used violas in her specials, or The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, where chef Kyle Mendenhall‘s chocolate soufflé with rose syrup and candied roses hits the dessert menu this week.