In a state preoccupied with staying healthy and fit, Andy Youngs, a retail business veteran, noticed something odd. Exercise-obsessed folks were schlepping their gear around in worn-out, grimy bags—breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. So Youngs created a versatile option for multisport athletes: Apera, which launched in June, sells sports bags crafted entirely from antimicrobial material that protects against bacteria and odor that are common in sweaty environments and latch onto your bag when you drop it on the floor in the locker room or on the court. Sealed-off storage pockets for footwear and a washable insert mean you can pile in your damp post-workout garb without suffering the potentially harmful (not to mention stinky) consequences. Plus, they look good: Apera’s bags come in three styles (duffel, pack, and sling tote) and two colors (black or blue/black). $131–$151, available at area health clubs and