Caviar is a delicacy more typically associated with Russia than Colorado. But Black River Caviar, based in Breckenridge, is gaining a solid reputation at high-end restaurants across the country for its selection of fresh, clean, high-quality caviar.

The sturgeon used to produce the caviar are sustainably farmed in a pollution-free ecosystem in Uruguay (one of two places in the world ideal for sturgeon). To ensure freshness, Black River produces only enough caviar to meet the needs of its select group of customers. In other words, there aren’t warehouses full of the stuff.

Locally, you can try Black River caviar at The Kitchen Denver (pictured), Trillium, and Frasca Food & Wine. Or, you can purchase a tin online and try one of the recipes listed on the site—all of which have been created by notable chefs across the country.

75 Sunset Dr., Breckenridge; 970-547-1542