Readers as far away as Britain were able to check out the police mug shot of Pueblo County’s Anthony Brandon Gonzales, who has the words “East Side” tattooed above his upper lip, like a mustache, and the number “13” under his lower lip, like a goatee (via the Telegraph). And it was that extremely distinctive tough-guy tattoo that got the 20-year-old busted for his alleged role in the frightening home invasion of an Elvis impersonator popularly known as “Lil’ Elvis.” Although Gonzales was wearing a mask, his tattoos were visible, leading a witness to identify him. As Sergeant Eric Bravo tells the Pueblo Chieftain, “With ‘East Side’ tattooed on his upper lip, it’s hard to miss him.” Gonzales and another masked suspect were allegedly armed with a knife and sword when they robbed Elvis impersonator Robert Segura—aka Michael Segura—in his Mesa Junction home.