Biodegradable sunglasses? Sure, why not. Two years in the making, the concept is the latest innovation from Boulder-based sunglass company Zeal Optics. (Zeal is also know for its goggles.) Zeal partnered with Italian company Mazzucchelli to produce Ace, which they’re calling the world’s first line of biodegradable sunglasses. “Both Mazzucchelli and ZEAL are working together to create a product that will truly raise the bar on sustainability in the industry,” said Zeal president John Sanchez. The sunglass frames are made from cotton (yes, cotton), and the lenses are produced from a plant-based material. We can only imagine what’s next. Sunglasses that can be used as fertilizer? Or perhaps a pair of goggles made from snow? Whatever it is, we’ll be on the lookout.

Image courtesy of Zeal Optics