Step into the Colorado Rockies’ clubhouse, and you’ll see about 50 lockers—each a reflection of its owner’s personality. As baseball enters the heart of the season, we checked out the cubby of 24-year-old third baseman Nolan Arenado. Here’s some of what the two-time Rawlings Gold Glove winner—the first rookie to earn the award since 1957—stashes beneath Coors Field.

Winner’s Legacy

Taped above Arenado’s locker, so small it’s easy to miss, is a piece of paper that reads “California Chrome 11-4”: the 2014 Kentucky Derby champion and his odds of winning. Arenado picked the first-place horse last year.

Head Games

Arenado only uses two 7 ¼-inch hats per season, and he switches them at the All-Star break. But he never swaps out the blue-and-yellow cap at the top of his locker. The mesh hat came from his alma mater, El Toro High School, in Lake Forest, California, where he played shortstop.

Glove box

Arenado keeps two Rawlings mitts—the same brand he’s used since Little League. Notice the gold Rawlings label, which pays homage to Arenado’s Gold Glove awards.

On hand

You won’t catch Arenado facing an opposing pitcher with anything but white batting gloves (following the example of power hitters such as Albert Pujols). He reserves colored options, like those pictured here, for BP.

Rocking out

When Arenado stretches, he pulls on his Beats by Dre headphones and punches play on his Droid to find Zen in a mix of rap and rock. Kings of Leon and the Arctic Monkeys commonly top his playlist.

Basic requirements

To ensure comfort during his signature acrobatic plays, Arenado keeps undershirts with four different sleeve lengths and about a dozen pairs of Nike knee-high socks in his cubby. We doubt he’ll ever sport the Los Angeles Lakers pair in a game, but they’re always on deck.

Practice Swings

Arenado’s bat brand of choice is Old Hickory. He keeps six at his locker for taking practice hacks; others are kept in the bat rack behind his locker.

Sweet Kicks

Shoes claim the space below Arenado’s locker: eight sets of sneakers (including Nikes from Kobe Bryant’s line, far left) and several different pairs
of game cleats.