In December 2020, Denverites Daniel Lim and Aron Gordillo combined their high-end shoe collections—self-appraised at about $40,000 each, at the time—to open All Access Kickss. A year later, the LoDo bazaar on 18th Street has become a destination for sneakerheads to buy, sell, and beg for some of the rarest foot swag in the world. Before Lim and Gordillo, who had been flipping shoes separately from their respective homes before opening All Access, move their operation to a bigger outpost on Blake Street this month, we asked them to reveal five of the most coveted kicks in their stash.

Nike Skunk Dunk

Released in April 2010, legendary skateboard artist Todd Bratrud’s design—renowned for its, ahem, kushy appearance—is about the closest Nike has ever come to endorsing 4/20 (the company’s marketing materials say its “references should be obviously lit”). $5,000

Bad Bunny x Crocs

The reggaeton rapper became the latest celebrity to collaborate with Longmont-based Crocs when these glow-in-the-dark clogs dropped in September 2020. So far, Bad Bunny’s editions have proved more popular than Justin Bieber’s ($80) and Post Malone’s ($130)—but All Access carries those models too. $500

Nike Hunter Dunk Low Pro

Born in 1985, the Dunk had lost appeal as a basketball shoe by the early 2000s. However, this hunting-inspired release in 2004 from skateboarder Reese Forbes, along with the Dunk’s flat-soled design, helped spark a resurgence in skateparks across the country that persists today, Lim says. $900

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

Part of Kayne West’s Adidas line, the “Yeezy Clog,” available since 2020, has earned a reputation for sustainability and comfort thanks to foam padding made from algae rather than petroleum—proving that even in the sneaker world, looks aren’t everything. $250

Nike Jordan 1

Michael Jordan’s first sneaker has been relaunched numerous times in countless colorways (sneaker talk for color schemes). This 2020 edition is particularly pricey, Lim says, because it resembles an even more expensive Jordan 1—a 2019 collaboration with the rapper Travis Scott. $520