Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has vowed to make the agency more open and ethical, and decisions that are made by the Interior Department will have “scientific integrity.” That’s according to The Associated Press, which notes that critics repeatedly complained that the agency often kow-towed to the energy industry under the Bush administration. Last year, the agency was rocked by a sex and drugs scandal in a Colorado office that oversees oil leases. Salazar also promised not to turn his back on energy development.

Today, Salazar will be in New York to tour the Statue of Liberty for a potential reopening of the statue’s crown to visitors for the first time since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to Newsday.

While Salazar “seemed to dodge” a question about whether the department’s decision to allow firearms at national parks should stand, he challenged President Obama to a basketball game. Watch the following Washington Post video to hear it.