Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo is on the road again. This time he’s headed back to Iowa to participate in an anti-immigration forum led by Iowa Rep. Steve King. Iowa Democrats are not pleased and going public with their criticism.

Anti-Immigration Congressman Steve King is bringing his “Partners in Extremismâ€? to Council Bluffs today for a forum on immigration. This discussion will feature the Republican’s most staunch anti-immigration advocates, Congressman Tom Tancredo and Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

Their press release succinctly states their objections to Tancredo:

  • Tancredo Recommended Bombing Mecca
  • Tancredo Said Immigrants Coming “To Kill You And Your Children.”

Congress is in recess and while many of its members take vacations during this period, many others use the time to meet with voters back home. Does anyone know how many days this month Rep. Tancredo has met with his constitutents, addressing their concerns rather than his own?