I’m starting to miss the old days, back when music came on those old-fashioned round things — whaddaya call ’em? — records? CDs?

Now that everyone is moving toward condensing their music collections onto laptops and iPods, even the DJ set is catching on, whether it’s online or live. For years they’ve singlehandedly kept vinyl alive and collectible but that may soon come to an end.

Case in point: Tonight at Herb’s Hideout is another round of iPod vs. iPod, where DJs and regular guys and gals can bring an iPod and plug it straight into the sound board. Organizer Kevin K. and many of his cohorts from Twist & Shout record store where he works will be bringing their sizable song playlists – all 10,000 of them stored neatly inside a palm-sized gadget. Sure beats hauling crates of heavy records or CDs around. But what about the visual aspect? How fun can it possibly be to watch someone fiddle with two iPods and a soundboard?

I think I prefer two turntables and and a microphone. You sure can’t scratch an iPod.

But still. I do see his point. And if any of you feel like carting that great big ol’ iPod all the way to Herb’s Hideout tonight, you can sign up for your own 15- or 30-minute DJ slot.

Just don’t forget to grab the mic and shout out to the audience every once in a while.