Romanoff, AndrewFormer state House speaker Andrew Romanoff’s campaign for U.S. Senate has seemed rather quiet lately. But behind the scenes, Senator Michael Bennet’s Democratic primary challenger is getting help from New Partners, a “high-powered” Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm that focuses on grassroots campaigns, according to The Denver Post. Still, the Post quibbles, “Romanoff’s relatively low profile has nonetheless led to speculation about the health of the 11-week-old campaign among the chattering class.” Seeming to earn—or disprove—that reputation, Romanoff provided a subtle jibe to Bennet on Wednesday during a forum with students on the Auraria campus, saying he won’t be taking contributions from political action committees—PAC money—which critics claim tarnish the democratic process. “Somebody said that the Senate is the place that good ideas go to die. There is a reason for that and in part it’s because a lot of the wealthiest interest groups, which stand to lose the most from the proposals we need, are subsidizing decisions,” Romanoff said (via The Colorado Independent).

In that spirit, Romanoff, the “father” of the Colorado Legislature’s cablecasts on Comcast Channel 165, wants his successors to also televise committee meetings, including testimony to lawmakers, reports State Bill Colorado. Meanwhile, our associate editor, Patrick Doyle, asks the political question of the year: Is Andrew Romanoff in the right race?