pink_peepsAfter Carol Burdick was evicted from her Boulder County apartment, she accused AIMCO, the management company that holds her lease, of hating the Peeps candy and other Easter decorations that adorned her door long after the holiday ended.

“Our concern was not about Easter so much as it was about the food nailed to the hallway, which created a concern over sanitary conditions,” Cindy Duffy, a spokeswoman for AIMCO, tells The Washington Times.

A trial was scheduled to take place yesterday, but a Boulder County judge has granted an indefinite extension to the company, and a new trial date hasn’t been scheduled, according to The Associated Press, which reports the company also contends that Burdick did not pay her rent.

The case intrigued the Reverend Barry W. Lynn at Beliefnet, who has an “endearing respect” for Peeps, which are manufactured by the Just Born candy company in Bethlehem–Pennsylvania, that is.