Back in February, Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood’s father apologized to The Greeley Tribune for the actions of his son, who had been arrested and accused of shooting and wounding two students at Deer Creek Middle School. He claimed his son was struggling mentally. Yesterday, the 32-year-old Eastwood was ordered to undergo a state-sanctioned mental evaluation by the Jefferson County District Court after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity (via The Associated Press). Eastwood is facing 15 charges, including attempted first-degree murder, for his role in the February 23 shootings outside the school, which ended when teachers tackled Eastwood and held him until rescuers arrived. If he is convicted, Eastwood could spend decades in prison–or even longer if he’s found mentally incompetent—a “commitment” that could be the “rest of” his life, explained District Judge Christopher Munch. In an earlier hearing, investigators said Eastwood claimed he was poor and did not fit in while he was a student at Deer Creek in the 1990s, where he says he was bullied.