Don’t waste your time asking that question of Mark Knudson, a former Major League Baseball pitcher and sports columnist for The Denver Daily News. The competition isn’t even close for him, with college football as the clear winner. Why?

College players—and their fans—have more passion, Knudson claims, than players and fans in the pros, except in places like Denver, Oakland, Philadelphia, and New York.

He says college football rivalries are more intense than any NFL rivalry, citing classic matchups like the University of Colorado versus Colorado State University, the University of Georgia versus the University of Florida, and, of course, Ohio State University versus the University of Michigan. Knudson also likes how graduation brings fresh blood every few years.

But he misses the mark in some areas: NFL rivalries are still raging. All it takes is a YouTube search to see how Oakland Raiders fans treat Denver Broncos fans. Also, free agency at the pro level creates a lot of change within teams on nearly a yearly basis, with players following the money. No doubt college football is fantastic, but leave room in your heart for both.