Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter is not happy with Karl Rove or Colorado voters. In her first post-election piece, referring to Ken Salazar’s win over Pete Coors, she charges:

In Colorado, they traded voter registrations for crack cocaine.

Coulter then proceeds to trash George Bush advisor Karl Rove :

Of course, we could have done it a lot earlier on election night but for “Boy Genius” Karl Rove. It’s absurd that the election was as close as it was. The nation is at war, Bush is a magnificent wartime leader, and the night before the election we didn’t know if a liberal tax-and-spend, Vietnam War-protesting senator from Massachusetts would beat him.

If Rove is “the architect” — as Bush called him in his acceptance speech — then he is the architect of high TV ratings, not a Republican victory. By keeping the race so tight, Rove ensured that a race that should have been a runaway Bush victory would not be over until the wee hours of the morning.

Why is it that some people are never satisfied, even with success?