Denver could easily be the best sports city in the United States. We could at least rate in the top five, right? Wrong, according to Sporting News. The publication has released its annual “Best Sports City” list and Denver/Boulder comes in at number 18, just below the sports powerhouse of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina. What? Pittsburgh lands the top spot, which makes sense, considering its pro-football and -hockey teams won championships last year.

Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago-Evanston, and Los Angeles round out the top five of the list, which ranks the 399 best sports cities. Fort Collins comes in at number 105, and Colorado Springs is just behind it at number 106. Greeley makes the list at number 194.

The Denver Business Journal points out that Denver made the top spot in 1995, the year the Colorado Rockies made their first playoff appearance, and in 1997, after the Denver Broncos won the first of two consecutive Super Bowls. Twelve years later, we’ve fallen all the way to number 18.

It’s an understandable miscalculation on Sporting News’ part. After all, it’s pretty easy to overlook a division-leading, undefeated pro-football team, an undefeated pro-hockey team, a Major League Baseball team in the National League Division Series, a pro-basketball team that was in the Western Conference finals earlier this year, one of college hockey’s best teams, and a Major League Lacrosse team that nearly won a championship in August.

Yeah, I probably would have missed all that, too.