Randy Brinson, a conservative political consultant in Alabama, has problems with an advertising push on Christian and country-music radio stations in 10 states, including our own. His main issue is that the ads, funded by a left-tilting coalition, argue that Congress should, as a matter of Biblical importance, do what it can to attack industrial and other pollution believed to be causing global warming. “As our seas rise, crops wither and rivers run dry, God’s creation cries out for relief,” warns one ad (via The Wall Street Journal). Another cites the Gospel of John and the effort of energy big-wigs to shoot down regulations: “Please join the faithful in speaking out against the powerful.” Brinson says this is the first time a “moderate group of evangelicals” have joined forces–part of a trend in which liberal Christians are jumping into the a political arena that used to be dominated by the Christian right. The group will spend roughly $150,000 in coming months to enlist pastors in the West, including Colorado, to address climate-change legislation as it enters the Senate. Another effort will call for affordable health insurance–by a coalition of Faith in Public Life, Sojourners, and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Meanwhile… Remember when voters defeated the amendment to define a fertilized human egg as a person last fall? Personhood USA and Colorado Right to Life are ready to try again in 2010, reports The Colorado Statesman. Only this time, the word “fertilization” has been removed because it might protect cloning. Any final language must be approved by state election officials, according to The Denver Post.