The Carmelo Anthony trade drama is buzzing once again, with a “report” released yesterday implying a deal with the New York Knicks was close. Turns out it was little more than a rumor that says “has no legs,” adding that the New Jersey Nets remain the team most likely to pull off the Melo deal. The Nuggets recently hired Pete D’Alessandro, former assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors, who is considered a salary-cap expert. He’s in Denver to help the Nuggets find the best way to structure a deal for Anthony.

For his part, Melo has shown up for work every day, practicing hard and helping the team prepare for the season. “It doesn’t bother me,” he tells The Denver Post about the trade rumors. “I’m able to still wake up in the morning and smile, come in here, laugh and joke with my teammates, play basketball….It’s not life or death.”

The Nuggets are taking their time with the trade, writes CBS Sports, in part because a deal isn’t necessary until February’s trade deadline. Other team executives say the longer the Nuggets wait, the worse the deal will be, but the team remains resolute that the move will only happen when it’s right for Denver.