Last week, Scott McInnis, a former Colorado congressman, took aim at his main opponent in the race for governor—Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper—by calling him a flip-flopper on oil-and-gas policy.

The Colorado Statesman offers the latest article on the topic, quoting McInnis as recently telling a crowd that “Colorado needs a governor who is consistent—consistent when they talk to you and consistent when they talk to the Sierra Club.”

But it seems McInnis hasn’t been so steady himself. While the Republican is now ardently opposed to abortion, he hasn’t always held that view, reports The Denver Post. As the newspaper writes, “Despite running repeatedly as a ‘pro-choice’ candidate while a state representative and then a congressman, McInnis’ record on the issue is inconsistent, and at times, contradictory.”

In a separate article, the Post explores McInnis’ evolution as a conservative. In the 1980s, during his early political career at the Colorado statehouse, McInnis said he’d be more moderate than conservative. But two decades later, when he left Congress, his voting record was more conservative than 85 percent of his peers, and he had voted with his party 95 percent of the time.

Where some see an evolution, McInnis, who calls himself a “common-sense conservative,” does not: “Look at my record and you will see consistency throughout,” he says.