Come to Colorado, our young Texan friends. Enjoy the fresh air, the wild rivers, the stoic mountains–and the swine flu. At least 30 kids from a Plano, Texas, church choir group who visited Colorado Springs have apparently brought the swine flu to Colorado. And a group of Boy Scouts from Plano and Houston are under quarantine at a hospital after a boy at a campsite outside of Pueblo tested positive for the flu, according to the Dallas Morning News. The cases, which officials believe are swine flu, come only days after the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that swine flu might spread at summer camps. Health officials theorize that the choir members–from a group of 70 kids–contracted the virus in Texas, which swept through two buses. Some parents are upset that the outbreak has led summer camps to be canceled, according to 9News, noting that a petition drive on Facebook has begun to allow the Muscular Dystrophy Association to continue running the camps despite the outbreaks. The H1N1 strain of the virus is believed to be mild and “no reason to panic,” writes the Fort Morgan Times in an editorial: “Wild speculation about exponential spread of the disease and dire predictions of a worldwide pandemic were everywhere–we almost expected to see clips of the old Monty Python ‘Bring out your dead’ sketch–and government and school officials scrambled to prepare for a devastating outbreak that never came.”