Boulder’s police and officials at the University of Colorado aren’t too keen on recent efforts to revive the Halloween Mall Crawl, which brought thousands of costumed drinkers and stoners to the Pearl Street Mall just a generation ago. So Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner reached out to Ryan Van Duzer, one of the two young dudes who set up a Facebook page to generate interest in a revived crawl for this year. Beckner discouraged the effort, and he appears to have been effective, another reminder that 2009 is not nearly as rebellious as decades past. Van Duzer writes: “I am hereby telling all of you not to come to the Mall Crawl, cause there isn’t gonna be one….just thousands of people who go to the mall anyway to celebrate, like last year and the year before and the year before…..Behave kids!” The city claimed victory in a news release, calling the meeting with Van Duzer “productive” (via the Daily Camera). Van Duzer is already getting some flak on Facebook. One follower writes: “Sorry Ryan but Mark Beckner’s coming to your place and intimidating you like that is totally uncalled for and we will not let him win. Boulder Mall Crawl…Game ON!!!”